If you had to manually select “All files” I suspect a version issue.  Earlier versions of XMetaL don’t support rng, only xsd, rlx and rld. 




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Subject: Revised EAD with XMetal


Has anyone had success running the revised EAD in Xmetal? I was trying to play with it to find any discrepancies, but keep getting the same error message. I’m using the newest version (7.0).


1.       Opened ead_revised_test_instance.xml

2.       Using XMetal pop-up box, browsed for schema

3.       Had to switch Files of type: box to "all files"

4.       Selected ead_revised.rng

5.       Got error message:  "ead_revised_test_instance.xml" could not be loaded. XML schema namespace 'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema' is not declared"







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