The alpha release of the EAD schema is written in the Relax NG schema language.  My understanding, unfortunately, is that XMetal does not support that schema language.

We intend, with the Beta release in July, to make the revised EAD schema available as an XSD schema and likely DTD as well, both of which are supported by XMetaL and other XML editors that may not support Relax NG.

A word about schema languages:  the schema version of EAD 2002 (released in 2007, I believe), was written in Relax NG.  The XSD version was derived from the Relax NG schema.  We are continuing this model of schema maintenance - the new EAD schema will be written in Relax NG and XSD (and likely DTD) versions will be derived from it.


On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Johnson, Benjamin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Has anyone had success running the revised EAD in Xmetal? I was trying to play with it to find any discrepancies, but keep getting the same error message. I’m using the newest version (7.0).


1.       Opened ead_revised_test_instance.xml

2.       Using XMetal pop-up box, browsed for schema

3.       Had to switch Files of type: box to "all files"

4.       Selected ead_revised.rng

5.       Got error message:  "ead_revised_test_instance.xml" could not be loaded. XML schema namespace '' is not declared"







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