To answer your question, the graduate assistantship is not about trying to get ersatz professional work. It's about offering an opportunity for experience and mentorship to a graduate student. The reason we require an MLS for the Cataloging GA is that it makes no sense to spend the energy and effort training a computer science, physics, geography, biology, etc. major on cataloging and subject analysis rules. They aren't going to use it and they don't have the academic background to even begin learning it. 

However, academic library-bound LIS graduates often need a second masters for tenure or continuous appointment or just for a better salary. If you look through some of our literature you will often see calls and admonishments for more mentoring, internships, and other opportunities such as this one that we are so lucky to be able to provide.

We don't need another professional line at my library for a cataloger (we have 2 MLS catalogers). But a graduate assistant is very helpful to us to get some of our non-essential cataloging work done. 

Anyone with an MLS can apply. Applicants need to be admitted to a graduate degree program by the time they start their first duty day in August, but the application for any of these (assistantship, degree program, graduate school) can happen in practically any order. Admission to the graduate school for students who already have a graduate degree is basically a given (because they've already proved they can complete a graduate degree), and admission to most degree programs can be easily facilitated by the graduate school and the dept. over the summer. It's not hard and all of these departments work together to help qualified applicants make it happen, because we want strong graduate students in our programs. 

This posting is already up on all the various boards and places many LIS grads would see vacancy notices. My message to this list was intended to hopefully reach cataloging instructors who would know of qualified and interested students who they can encourage to apply.


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Good morning educat-ers:

I am just wondering why they would make this a Graduate Assistant position requiring an MLS degree rather than make it a cataloging professional position.

Applicants would ideally seem to be already at your university as admitted graduate students as it says you must enroll in summer for one graduate credit and in academic year 6 credits per term. Timeframe wise I'd imagine most applicants who would be interested would already be in the pipeline as prospective or already admitted graduate students for next academic year.

it's a good opportunity for someone already with a Masters in Library Science looking for a graduate assistant opportunity at Minnesota State. and also if it is guaranteed beyond one semester appointment.

Thank you for posting for all interested, in general ALA Placement is coming up and a good time to post opportunities for people

There is also a website  I need a library job dot com

you might also wish to post it out via Twitter also -- for all opportunities and the Hack Library School blog -also on Twitter

AUTOCAT - still gets many who are interested in picking up some experience too as well as seasoned cataloging/metadata people

ALCTS is a good place, and also ACRL is coming up this month in Indianapolis where am sure many will be seeking job placement opportunities there also esp for academic librarian careers.
some other ideas.... great to see opportunities in cataloging / metadata education more

Happy Spring,
Karen Weaver

On 4/4/13, Bothmann, Robert L <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Library Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato has an opening 
> for a cataloging graduate assistant.
> This is an amazing opportunity for a recent MLS graduate to get actual 
> experience and a subject master's degree with tuition remission and a 
> stipend!
> Please encourage any recent or soon-to-be graduated students to apply!
> Questions welcome!
> Bobby
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