I have the potential opportunity to create a resident librarian position in technical services. This would be a 2 year residency for a newly-minted MLS or MLIS interested in learning how to catalog maps. We can start with someone who has had a course in cataloging, and can even take someone who has no experience. (Imagine that - an opportunity to get that mythical 2 years of experience!)

This a diversity position. To have this position approved we will agree to attract and hire an African-American, a Latino or a Native American cataloger. I am excited to be provided with an opportunity to diversify our profession.

I'm stumped because I don't know how to go about attracting diversity students who will be graduating shortly (by the fall?). Is there a national distribution list for diversity library jobs? Do library schools communicate with each other regarding diversity positions? I am familiar with how technical services positions are communicated and will use those methods but I don't know how connected diversity library school students are to these discussion lists.

This is all still in the nebulous planning stage - and of course I'm a cataloger so I'm all about the process of HOW I will do this. ;-)

Thanks for any input.

Margaret Maurer

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