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Subject: Reminder: Free webinar, April 16 – “The Making of The Daily Mail Historical Archive”


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Free webinar, April 16 – "The Making of The Daily Mail Historical Archive"

There is a common misconception that digitizing the archive of a newspaper is simply a case of scanning the pages and putting them on the internet. In this regard, digital archives are a victim of their own success; the best are so simple to use that they look equally simple to put together. Yet behind each digital newspaper archive is a mammoth project involving a wide variety of decisions and conundrums to preserve the world’s greatest stories.

Don't miss out on this up close and personal webinar with one of Gale's upcoming digital collections, Creating the Daily Mail Historical Archive, presented by Seth Cayley.

When: Tuesday, April 16
Time: 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT

What will be covered

Seth Cayley will bring to light the history of this digital edition, the transformations that have taken place to the content and show you the romanticism and importance behind rescuing the thoughts, words and deeds of past generations from crumbling to dust.

About the Presenter

Seth CayleySeth is the Publisher for Gale's program of historical newspaper and periodical archives, such as the Times Digital Archive and the Illustrated London News Historical Archive. He is passionate about the potential of digital primary sources to transform research and teaching, and is always pleased to hear about innovative uses of archives in the classroom. When not trawling through dusty old newsprint, Seth is a committed endurance runner, and hopes one day to break 3 hours for the marathon.


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