OCLC is calling upon the resource sharing community to assist in getting every library to update its address fields in constant data records as we migrate to OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan. 

What can you do to help make this happen?

1.       Make sure your own constant data records have the address fields split into the appropriate fields.

2.       Whenever you see another library’s address in the incorrect format, reach out to staff at that library. Tell them how important it is for them fix their address and to update their constant data.

3.       Every library will feel some pain from those libraries that have not made the changes. Let’s keep that pain to a minimum.

What kind of pain?                                                                                               

In WorldShare ILL, when you print a mailing label from a library that has not updated its address in constant data, your label will look something like this:

[log in to unmask]">

instead of this:

[log in to unmask]">

This will require you and your staff to manually write or type the address on a mailing label.

An easy way to help library staff learn about constant data updates is to send them the link to the OCLC tutorial that shows them how easy it is to make these changes: http://oc.lc/cU4q23


Contact OCLC at [log in to unmask] with questions about constant data settings.

Thanks for joining in this resource sharing community effort to increase efficiency in our interlibrary loan operations!