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This issue features a sampling of new and historic information available from NTIS via the NTRL V3.0 and the NTIS website related to the topic of Forensic Science. Just a few of the titles highlighted in this issue are:



Development of an Expert System for Automated Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Data Analysis.


Report produced in 2012 by North Texas State Univ., Denton.

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Final Forensic Audit Report of Iraq Reconstruction Funds.


Report produced in 2012 by the Office of the Assistant Inspector General, (DoD), Arlington, VA. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

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Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool: Tableau TD1 Forensic Duplicator; Firmware Version 2.34 Feb. 17, 2011.


Report produced in 2011 by the National Inst. of Justice, Washington, DC.

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The NTRL V3.0 provides access to the NTIS content collection via an IP-authenticated subscription-based platform. It contains over 2 million records with over 760K full-text reports. The NTRL V3.0 is updated each week with newly acquired information, and recently digitized existing content. It is the most convenient and economical means of accessing the most comprehensive library of federally produced scientific and technical information available today.


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