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I've been trying to find the article below without success - Google,
Google Scholar, DTIC, AIAA, OCLC, etc.  I have a query out for a source
for old USAF Foreign Translation Division reports.  Please send digital
if possible.  Do you have any other ideas?

1. Kaiser, Fritz, "Der Steigflug mit Strahlflugzeugen;
Bahngeschwindigkeit fur Besten Steigens," May 1944.  ("The Climb with
Jet Airplane;  Speeds for Best Climb")

This is another translation of #1.
"The Climb of Jet-Propelled Aircraft. Part I-Speed Along the Path in
Optimum Climb," by Kaiser, Ministry of Supply, R T P / T IB Translation
GDC/15/148T (April, 1944).

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