Please excuse cross posting.  I know that this has been sent out to the Army list, the SLA-DMIL list and SLA's DC Chapter list. So many of you have seen it a few times.  This is the last list I could think of that might reach librarians who might have known Ruth Rappaport.

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I'm a librarian at the Library of Congress and I'm hoping to write a biography of Ruth Rappaport, who was a librarian with the military from around 1958 to 1970. I'm trying to find anyone who knew her at that time.

To give you all a little background on Ruth, she was born in Germany in 1923 and left for Switzerland and then Seattle to live with relatives in 1938-1939 (both of her parents later died in concentration camps). She held several jobs after high school in Seattle and eventually became a secretary for the Zionist Organization of American in 1947 in San Francisco. She lived in Israel from 1948-1950, where she worked as a journalist and photographer and started Israel's first photograph archives. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in sociology around 1956 and also went to library school there, graduating in 1958. After working for the military in Asia, she worked as a cataloger at the Library of Congress from 1970-1992.

She may have worked at a military base library in Oakland while in library school before 1958. I believe she got her first professional librarian job with the Air Force in 1958 in Okinawa, and then Taipei (or vice versa, I'm not really sure about the chronology of this time). In 1962 or '63 she started the library system in Saigon as an employee of the Navy Support Activity Saigon under Captain Archie Kuntze. He was court martialed in 1966, and then the libraries were turned over to the Army. I think Ruth stayed in Saigon and worked as an army librarian until 1969 or 1970.

If you knew Ruth or can think of anyone who might have known her, please contact me at [log in to unmask]. Thank you!