On Wed, 17 Apr 2013, Adam L. Schiff wrote:

> I think you must establish each heading based on the usage of the individual 
> conference, and it if it doesn't use numbering, then I wouldn't supply it.

  There are problems with that. Individual conference names themselves 
("official usages") may vary all over their publications, not to mention 
how they are collated (e.g. with or without numbering), and not to mention 
how online sites of conferences are set up.

  Corporate bodies seem to understand the need for name-stability, but 
organizers of conferences and particularly editors of proceedings have 
little awareness of what they can do to us with inconsistency (I'm sure 
they don't even care :)).

  And that's why trying to establish individual instances of ongoing 
conferences IS more of a headache (and more work) than it is worth.



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