Distribution just means that the record was sent from OCLC to the host 
computer at LC and then redistributed back out to OCLC and the other 
subscribers to the LC/NACO Authority File.  It doesn't imply that anyone 
has looked at the records, it is just a file distribution system.

If someone at another NACO library has subsequently edited a record, then 
you won't be able to replace the record with the copy you have in a save 
file because the timestamp on the record will be later than the one you 
have in your save file.  You'll have to rekey any further changes you 
might want to make to the record.

I was unaware that any records that are supposed to be reviewed should be 
added to the authority file before they are reviewed.  That seems like a 
bad workflow with potential to introduce errors.

Records in the review file that are in danger of expiring can just be saved again and resubmitted so that you don't lose them.

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On Tue, 16 Apr 2013, Ted P Gemberling wrote:

> I've had quite a number of records in my review file long enough that they are in danger of expiring. Initially, I assumed they had to be approved before I added them to the authority file, but then someone at LC, in a private message, said you could add them while they were in the review process. So I've started to add all the ones that are about to expire, of course after searching again to make sure they are still needed.
> But recently I've noticed that some of the ones I added or replaced awhile ago have gone through the "distribution" process or even been edited by others. So it makes me wonder if it makes sense for me to try to keep them in my review file. (Or whatever you call the list of authorities that are under review.)  If something has finished "distribution," doesn't that mean someone has already looked at it and thinks it's okay?
> I'm sorry if this question has been answered already somewhere else. But maybe someone else has the same question.
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