Good morning.  I've noticed that catalogers have been using different standards for what can be encoded in the 378 field.  Some use it only if the preferred form includes initials, e.g.:
100 1  Serre, J.-M.
378     ǂq Jean-Marc
100 1  Semini, C. F. ǂq (Carlo Florindo)
378     ǂq Carlo Florindo
I've also seen records in which the 378 includes baptismal names, middle names, and maiden names not found in the preferred form:
100 1  Danning, Christian
378     ǂq Sophus Christian
100 1  Oakland, Jane
378     ǂq Jane Caroline
100 1  Johnes, May
378     ǂq May Harris
The 378 field isn't mapped to a specific rule in RDA but the most likely candidate is which seems to follow the more liberal approach to what can be recorded.  I recognize that the field is optional but my LC reviewer in October preferred limiting its use.  Is there now a best practice for how the 378 field is used?

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