Thanks, everyone, for answering my question. Sorry I missed the information on the slide. But I have just one more question relating to Mark's response. If there is an authority record for those translations of Norwegian novels, shouldn't the 740's be redundant? Wouldn't they include the usages on the various editions of the work? I realize that many 700 t's don't have authority records (there were 11 on the last book I cataloged, and none of them did). 

Ted Gemberling

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I second Les's endorsement of Mark's explanation, and also our apology for not making this crystal-clear.
FWIW, the speaker note for that slide (Module 4, slide 44) does state "the 740's are optional but very helpful", but I realize that not everyone can nor does consult speaker notes.

Mark makes an excellent observation of the distinction in the case of the Norwegian novels; it relates to the difference between 'controlled' access points (70012) and 'uncontrolled' access points (740), and the different ways of accessing them, and that they in fact represent different things (expression vs. manifestation).

If you want a little more guidance on this kind of situation, please see the Jane Austen and Tennessee Williams slides in our "Guided Practice" answers.

Timothy J. Carlton
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I agree with Mark's explanation. Also, sorry this wasn't made clearer in the recording these 740s aren't mandatory but are given if considered important for identification and access. 

Les Hawkins
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On Thu, 11 Apr 2013, Mark K. Ehlert wrote:

> Ted P Gemberling <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >  Watching the LC training materials for RDA, I believe a trainer 
> > said to add 740's for analytical titles as well as 700 12 $t's. Is 
> > that mandatory, or only helpful if particular cataloging softwares 
> > don't make the $t searchable?
> >
> I take it you mean Module 4, specifically slide #44 in the PowerPoint 
> file and the 37 minute mark in the video found here:
> <
> raining/LC%20RDA%20course%20table.html
> >
> It looks like the first portion of LC-PCC PS being put into
> practice: give 740s for parts of an aggregate work when the $t portion 
> of the related access point doesn't match it.  Here, we're dealing 
> with the translation of a pair of Norwegian novels--the access points 
> would only have the original language title plus the $l English.  The
> 505 field with its English titles stands unenhanced.  The 740 versions 
> provide not only title keyword access to the English titles, but also 
> left-anchored browse capabilities too.
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