Having, in a prior life, worked in musicals and with people involved with them, I would consider the lyricist (Bob Merrill) to be the librettist. The original story by Isobell Lennart would be a related work. Now as to the "book," I'm not really sure what to do with that, and haven't yet given it enough thought. 

As I understand it, the "book" is a story line, a structure, which a person (often a different person from the others) writes as a basis from which the musical (text and music) can be ... done {created}. In all honesty, I don't presently have an RDA concept for "writer of book." In AACR2 times, I gave this person the relator code "$4 lbt." 

To repeat, my take on the Creator of text would be the librettist. Lennart's story would be a related work.

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Good morning.  Here's the title of a libretto in our collection (and in 814 other libraries, according to WorldCat):

Funny girl : a new musical / book by Isobel Lennart from an original story by Miss Lennart ; music by Jule Styne ; lyrics by Bob Merrill.

Under AACR2, the main heading is the composer (Styne) with the uniform title "Funny girl. Libretto".  Under RDA, the composer is entered as an additional access point with the relationship designator "Libretto for (work)".  But what about Lennart and Merrill?  Are the book and lyrics considered separate works in addition to the music and therefore all three should have author/title authority records for "Funny girl"?  Should Lennart or Merrill be entered in the 100 field?

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