Perfectly reasonable. It often happens that, a conflict arising later, an existing 400 is modified in some way that is not reflected in the 100.  For example, subfield $d might need to be added to an existing 400 to avoid a conflict with a new heading, even though the 100 in that record contains no $d.

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I'm trying to concoct a heading for this person and haven't encountered this situation before.  The situation would be easy if I had dates, but unfortunately I can't find any.  The issue arises in the 400 because the fuller form of the name conflicts with an existing name heading.  Per RDA, I can make an addition to the variant name (see the Brown, Charlie (Composer) example there), but the $c isn't needed in the 100 field, so now  I have "mismatched" 100/400 fields.

100 1 Brown, Wm. Alexander $q (William Alexander)
373    Indian Rights Association $2 naf
375    male
377    eng
378    $q William Alexander
400 1 Brown, William Alexander $c (Native American rights activist)
667    Cannot identify with: Brown, William Alexander, n2002037927
670   Threatened exploitation of Pima Indians, 1920: $b p. 10 (Wm. Alexander Brown, vice-president and chairman Law Committee, I.R.A.)
670   Wikipedia, viewed Apr. 2, 2013 $b (The Indian Rights Association (IRA) was an American social activist group dedicated to the well being and acculturation of Native Americans. Founded in Philadelphia in 1882, the Indian Rights Associations (IRA) was highly influential in American Indian policy through the 1930s and remained involved as an organization until 1994)

Is this reasonable? Given that I have no other info, is there a better way?

Oh, and trying to devise an appropriate occupational term given the info I could find was a whole other bag of fun. 

Thanks for any suggestions,

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