Sarah and everyone else,

I apologize, this was meant to be an internal email for the Penn State catalogers and once again the stupid "autofill" feature in our email tripped me up! I need to go in and change the group name I set up for our BIBCO catalogers to prevent this from happening. 

So, yes, you don't have to report again until September, nor does anyone else, including me. However, as the Penn State BIBCO Coordinator I'm responsible for collecting our local stats and I do so on a monthly basis. Then when the end of 6 months rolls around its easy to tabulate and report.

Again, my apologies!!!!

Paige Andrew
Maps Cataloging Librarian 
   and BIBCO Coordinator
Cataloging and Metadata Services Dept.
Pennsylvania State University

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Hello Bibco,
    What's with this "April stats" idea?  I thought the new routine was, LC staff sends us a SurveyMonkey link twice a year.  According to the document "BIBCO and CONSER Statistics Procedures, Deadlines" at, we shouldn't need to report again until September.  No???
Sarah Ross
NACO Coordinator
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If you haven't turned in your April stats please do so today.