Hello all,

I am sending this message to multiple PCC email lists on behalf of Judith Cannan, the PCC Secretariat representative on the PCC Policy Committee.  -Les Hawkins

PCC Secretariat  Assignments

By now the news that Carolyn Sturtevant, the PCC BIBCO Coordinator, has decided to retire at the end of May and begin a new phase of her life is well known.  Her departure will create a vacuum in the PCC secretariat that needs to be filled.  As the manager of the PCC secretariat, which resides at LC, I have decided to make the following changes in duties to make sure all programs are adequately served and vibrant.

Les Hawkins will continue to serve as the CONSER Coordinator with Hien Nguyen serving as his assistant.    Hien will take responsibility for the secretariat's role in managing the PCC statistics, membership, elections, and online learning advancement.   Paul Frank will serve as acting coordinator for the NACO and SACO programs and Jessalyn Zoom will serve as the acting coordinator for the BIBCO program.    Although they have been assigned lead positions, they are also supporting the other programs.    With only four staff members remaining to support the PCC, it is necessary for them to provide assistance wherever needed.

The two staff members who work with the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, Roberto Sicre and Peter Goodman, are also providing additional assistance to the PCC secretariat.  Roberto and Peter review NARs and process NAR deletes and BFM; Roberto also processes subject proposals.

It is our intention to continue to be responsive to your needs and to provide high quality service.

Judith P. Cannan
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