Kevin said:

>-- It is designed to be re-usable.  For example, I would expect an
>implementer to create only one BIBFRAME Authority per Agent entity.  
>Now, what this email and a few others I've read have made me realize
>is that implementers will have to create duplicate BIBFRAME Authority
>resources for what is essentially the same entity ...

Sorry, I got lost here.

If someonen is the author and illustrator of a children's book, I
assume there would not be a main entry as author and added entry as
illustrator of the same instance?  If someone is director and actor in
a movie, I assume there would not have to be two added entries for the
same person?

In these two cases, wouldn't two <RelationtoResource> or
<RelationshipRole> be needed for a single authority used as an entry?  

Your earlier comments would seem to say two authorities would not be
needed.  But the "special circumstance" in which two authorities would
be needed went right over my head.

It seems to me there should never be more than one authroity for one
entity.  (The current confusion over 100/150 authrities for fictitious
characters needs to be cleared up before Bibframe implementation.)

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