Kelly McGrath said:

>It's trivial for a computer to calculate that a 13-digit and 10-digit
>ISBN are the same.

Assuming Kevin et al. know of the situation, and program for it.

So in Roy's list, the records with two 020s really only have one ISBN
>with both versions recorded.

I can't speak of OCLC's two 020s, but in ours most of the two ISBNs
are bound and paperback ones.  We do not add the other number of
digits ISBN if not in the source.  We do not catalogue on OCLC.

>The records with odd numbers of ISBNs presumably represent some
>failure of OCLC's validation routine.

In our case, most of those are ISBNs for various bindings: e.g.,
trade, library, deluxe.

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