It is hard to fathom that role is being considered as part of an

The person, family, or corporate body represented by an authority may
have any number of roles.  A person may be author, editor,
illustrator, translator, depicted, or any other role to the work or
instance listed in the RDA relator terms or MARC relator codes.

There should be *one* authority per entity, and the relation(s) of
that entity to the work or instance should be external to that
authority, perhaps incorporated into the link?

An entity may have more than one relation to a work or instance, e.g.,
actor/director, author/illustrator.  There should not be links to two
or moore authorities for the same entity because of the two or more
roles.  There should be one access point per entity per work/instance,
with role(s) expressed externally to the authority.

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