Karen said:

>The list that I was working from was not coded in MARC. The 'names' were 
>not the abbreviated names that would be in $e, but were the 'terms' 
>listed in the LC relator list beside each of the codes.

The terms which go in $e are not abbreviated.  Some are one word, and
some are phrases.  The codes go in $4.

The code definitions (which I assume you mean) are in some cases the
same as, and in some cases differ from, RDA relationship terms. 
We plan to export those code deffinitions in $e for non Canadian
cleints; we have them in both French and English, and don't want to do
the work of pairing up the codes with RDA terms.  It would be nice if
our various standard setting bodies would work together on one set of

I assume ILS which can interpret codes would display the code
deffinitions, as opposed to the RDA terms.

If interested, here are the French code deffinitions we will use:

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