Perhaps it's overly pedantic for BIBFRAME purposes or explicitly excluded by
BIBFRAME use cases, but in RDF generically the use of as the identifier for Stuart Yates the
individual creates the potential for ambiguity since this same identifier is
also the identifier of an HTML Web page (i.e., the ORCID Web server returns
an HTML file and status 200 when the URI is de-referenced, at least for some
agents).  There is therefore the possibility that a machine process might
confuse annotations of the Web page (e.g., 'this Web page does not conform
to HTML 5') with annotations concerning the person (e.g., 'The gender of
Stuart Yates is male') since both annotations would 'annotate' (target in OA
terms) the exact same URI. 

A solution commonly used is to mint a separate identifier for the individual
(or concept) and redirect to a description of the individual (or concept)
when that identifier is de-referenced (either human-readable or RDF,
depending on attributes of the agent doing the de-referencing).  See for
example what the Webserver does when you de-reference 

ORCID has chosen not to do this, so the solution of defining a separate
identifier class for ORCID is more rigorous than simply reusing the URI of
the HTML web page for the individual. But perhaps this rigor is not needed
for BIBFRAME assuming there is community agreement that everyone using
BIBFRAME will rely on other ways to avoid ambiguity when using ORCID-based

Tim Cole
University of Illinois at UC

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>> Some properties (orcid, viaf, etc) are isomorphic with dereferencable
>>URLs. That is these properties can be mapped to a canonical URI property
>>and back again and no information is lost.
>> For example my ORCID is 0000-0003-1809-1062 and that can be mapped to
>>and from the URI
>> It seems to me that the orcid and viaf properties should be dropped
>>from bibframe, reducing the complexity of the vocabulary.
>> cheers
>> stuart
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>> Stuart Yeates
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