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This does not preclude literal bodies.  It just means one might desire a property to identify the agent responsible for the content of the annotation.

Kevin, it does seem, though, that creator-ship of the body of the annotation would need to be associated directly with the body, and not the annotation. In other words, a publisher-provided author bio has a creator "the publisher" independently of whether the bio happens to be included as an annotation somewhere. Since you cannot further describe a literal, you appear to suggest that the creator of the body would become a property of the annotation. That seems misplaced to me.

However, doesn't this get us to a similar point that was reached in SKOS, where the majority case is a use of literals for labels, and there is an optional extension, SKOS-XL, for those instances where you need to say something more about the label? What I'm not at all sure of in the library use case is what the nature of our annotations will be -- in other words, will the vast majority of them have plain text bodies? You gave examples using the 856 field, which contains URLs that point to texts. If the URL is deemed to be the body, then those are in accord with the OA model. It does seem that anything that is carried today in an 856 has already solved the problem by minting a URI for the textual information. We still need examples of plain text annotations -- perhaps they are more in our future than in our past?


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Sorry to bust the thread but ...


On the other hand, and something to bear in mind, is the "who" being talked about with respect to the Annotation is the agent responsible for creating the Annotation, which is not necessarily the same as the source of the Description.  


Thank you for providing another example for why literal bodies are a terrible idea.




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