My feedback concerns that draft bibframe representation for theses, 
which is at Currently the 
gloss for this is "A subclass of Language Material Works used to 
describe students' works such as theses, dissertations, etc."

My four points of feedback are:

(a) Some theses (for example Canterbury's D.Sc. by thesis) are submitted 
by authors who are not students in any conventional sense. (The 
regulations at make it 
clear that no new enrolment, fix period of study or classes are required)

(b) Some theses (for example New Zealand School of Music's Master of 
Music in Composition) are not Language Material Works but Notated Music 

(c) Some theses (for example most theses by publication) are relatively 
complex compilations of works.

(d) All of the Dissertation properties are institutionally-oriented, but 
the gloss talks about a student and not an institution.

(e) It's unclear (to me) whether failed and unsubmitted dissertations 
are Dissertations or Manuscripts (or both).

I suggest moving Dissertation to be a subclass of Works. My suggested 
gloss is:

"A subclass of Works intended to be submitted to a 
qualification-granting institution, such as theses, dissertations, 
compilations, etc."

Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services