This is an example from the authorities document:

<Organization resource="http://bibframe/auth/org/k.g.saur">
       <label>K.G. Saur</label>
resource="" />
       <hasVIAFLink resource="" />
       <hasDNBLink resource="" />

First, I doubt if it's sustainable to create a separate property for 
each authority file one might link to. Second, I question the value of 
having a property called "link" or "hasXXXLink". After all, it's all 
links in linked data. The property should carry the semantic value that 
expresses meaning of the relationship is between the subject and the 

subject:     <http://bibframe/auth/org/k.g.saur>
property:         <has_some_relationship_to>
object: <>

Basically, since every property is a link between two things, "hasLink" 
is not a sufficiently defined relationship.

That said, I freely admit that coming up with a clear statement of the 
relationship between different authority files is not easy given 
differences in cataloging rules worldwide. MADSRDF has 
"hasCloseExternalAuthority," which seems to be a good way of linking 
authority data, although in a very library-specific way. That may be 
more accurate than the over-used OWL:sameAs, which is "different names 
that refer to the same individual," but it won't be as widely understood.

Other options?


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