On 5/14/13 2:55 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:
> Publsihers my reuse ISBNs for later versions, particularly if the 
> later corrected version replaces the earlier one. 
Mac, I believe that the use of the same ISBN for a new "edition" would 
be a violation of the rules for ISBNs. They do get re-used for the kinds 
of minor corrections that don't result in a different product (typos 
found in the first printing).

 From the Bowker site:

"Once a barcode is made, it cannot be revised. If you want to change the 
price of an item, you must purchase a new bar code. However, you can use 
the same ISBN as long as the product and price have not changed."

(I wonder about the O'Reilly books that first come out in Beta form -- 
whether the final form gets a new ISBN. ?)

Of course, rules are just rules, so some duplication of barcodes does 
happen, especially if (usually small) publishers don't want to pay for a 
new one.


> Wheter both puvlishers' ISBNs are in copies from both publishers is 
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