At there is a link said to be "A collection 
of Library of Congress MARC records representing the diversity of 
resources found at the Library".

Closer examination of the sample shows that all the resources appear to 
be physical resources. Examination of the Library of Congress website 
suggests if also holds a range of digital resources.

Could please be updated to either remove the 
diversity claim or (preferably) with a more diverse sample. Ideally the 
more diverse sample would include (a) a digitised resource with a 
parallel physical resource (b) a born digital resource (c) a digital 
resource in a format with no equivalent physical format (an RDF data 
file; a global climate model dataset; etc).

If the Library of Congress doesn't generate MARC for such resources, I'm 
sure that members of the list can locate or generate suitable exemplars.

Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services