Stuart, I have looked at this although I cannot say that i have given it its due. However, one thing I noticed was this:

_:local002 bf:contributor

The subject of this is the Agent or Author (as a blank node). bf:contributor is the predicate, and the resource is the object. I can't find bf:contributor in the documentation, but my gut feeling is that it probably means:

resource -> bf:contributor -> [contributor name or id]

Can you point me to bf:contributor? It's probably right in front of me but I'm not seeing it.


On 5/19/13 12:02 AM, Stuart Yeates wrote:
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I've done a worked example of how I want to use BIBFRAME in my academic library

I work through roughly in order of my understanding of the mapping and/or the ability of BIBFRAME to support what I want to do. I'm focused entirely on the structural aspects rather than the labels and so forth.


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