> It is hard to fathom that role is being considered as part of an
 > authority.
-- It's not with the exception of one scenario, which I expect will be 
very, very few cases overall: when it is impossible to determine the 
role because of poor cataloger entry in existing MARC records.  This is 
the Bad Data example in the discussion paper.  I also anticipate this 
will only ever be an issue during a transition phase, meaning that, 
moving forward, specific "codes" or links will be used to describe the 
relation of an authority entity to a work.  I also see the scenario as a 
limited accommodation to be made during said transition phase.

If $e says "editor" or "author of," we can associate those lexical 
entries with relator codes.  If, however, $e says "edtor" or "autor of," 
we cannot necessarily reliably associate those poorly entered lexical 
entries with relator codes.  This is why it is a limited accommodation 
during a transition period.  In the future, designating a "role" would 
be done in a controlled manner.

I'm not delighted about finding data entry errors in our current 
bibliographic data, but I can see that they are a very small percentage 
all told.  Is a more elaborate solution required for such a small amount 
of existing data, especially knowing we can improve on this moving 
forward so that we do not have this problem?


On 05/24/2013 07:25 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:
> It is hard to fathom that role is being considered as part of an
> authority.
> The person, family, or corporate body represented by an authority may
> have any number of roles.  A person may be author, editor,
> illustrator, translator, depicted, or any other role to the work or
> instance listed in the RDA relator terms or MARC relator codes.
> There should be *one* authority per entity, and the relation(s) of
> that entity to the work or instance should be external to that
> authority, perhaps incorporated into the link?
> An entity may have more than one relation to a work or instance, e.g.,
> actor/director, author/illustrator.  There should not be links to two
> or moore authorities for the same entity because of the two or more
> roles.  There should be one access point per entity per work/instance,
> with role(s) expressed externally to the authority.
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