On 07/05/13 11:06, Ford, Kevin wrote:
> Dear Stuart,
>> Does that mean that if a spelling mistake occurs in the RDF for the
>> title of this novel, that it's incorrect in perpetuity?
> -- No.  Why would it?

Because that's what 'immutable' (your word) means. Not changing. Not 
fixing even the most trivial and obvious of mistakes.

 > Does BIBFRAME enable such a feature (if not, could it)?

I believe that this is exactly the wrong question.

I believe the relevant question (and the only relevant question) for 
BIBFRAME is "What is the best, simplest, mapping of MARC to RDF?"

As for your comment about my 'upstream'; this whole process is about 
moving away from single sources of truth to a web; from upstream and 
downstream to a web information sources. If I still have an 'upstream' 
once we've rolled out BIBFRAME, we may as well give up now.

Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services