I'm implementing next generation inter library loan services for a 
regional german library network service and use a search engine index to 
consolidate metadata from different sources with MARC and MARC-like 
formats. The sources sonsist of serials but also serial-like and 
monographic titles and electronic resources for document delivery 
services. Internal format I use is JSON-LD, the software I write is 
completely using open source software. In addition to my RDF ontology on 
bibliographic items/holdings/services I am looking for a semantic web 
framework to organize FRBR-like bibliographic metadata structures.

My hope is that Bibframe can be a perfect match for my project, 
especially for avoiding an information silo, i.e. for finding a standard 
way to exchange all the entities and documents I create for the search 
engine index.

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Am 10.05.13 17:27, schrieb McCallum, Sally:
> We have been hearing that some of you are testing and pushing around 
> aspects of the BIBFRAME model and we are interested in hearing from 
> you.    Please tell the list or send me an email.   Nothing is too small!