This is a symptom of the transformation not keeping pace with the vocabulary and vice-versa. I'm sorry. Sometimes when I'm programming changes, I stick in what I think is right and we update the vocab later, but most often I haven't been able to program for all the terms in the vocabulary (which is easier, dreaming up terms or writing code?). That said, we are working on relators and haven't settled on how they’ll be represented, so I haven't spent a lot of time trying to get it right, just in time for it all to change.

Please don't let that stop you from pointing out discrepancies! 
Thanks, Nate

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The RDF/XML display of
has 'bf:contributor'

I'm not seeing it in the documentation either.


On 21/05/13 15:30, Karen Coyle wrote:
> Stuart, I have looked at this although I cannot say that i have given 
> it its due. However, one thing I noticed was this:
> _:local002 bf:contributor
> The subject of this is the Agent or Author (as a blank node).
> bf:contributor is the predicate, and the resource is the object. I 
> can't find bf:contributor in the documentation, but my gut feeling is 
> that it probably means:
> resource -> bf:contributor -> [contributor name or id]
> Can you point me to bf:contributor? It's probably right in front of me 
> but I'm not seeing it.
> Thanks,
> kc
> On 5/19/13 12:02 AM, Stuart Yeates wrote:
>> I've done a worked example of how I want to use BIBFRAME in my 
>> academic library
>> I work through roughly in order of my understanding of the mapping and/or the ability of BIBFRAME to support what I want to do. I'm focused entirely on the structural aspects rather than the labels and so forth.
>> cheers
>> stuart
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