Agreed - differences in terminology and frames of reference make these challenging discussions - but unfortunately I think some of these problems (such as varying uses of the term 'description') we are stuck with. However obviously in terms of acronyms etc there is no excuse not to be clear.

OA (in the context of this discussion) = Open Annotation - this is a data model and ontology for expressing annotations on the web.
"The Open Annotation Core Data Model specifies an interoperable framework for creating associations between related resources, annotations, using a methodology that conforms to the Architecture of the World Wide Web...An Annotation is considered to be a set of connected resources, typically including a body and target, where the body is somehow about the target. The full model supports additional functionality, enabling semantic annotations, embedding content, selecting segments of resources, choosing the appropriate representation of a resource and providing styling hints for consuming clients."

More information at, and the specification is at


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Stephen Hearn said:

"If by "description" we mean what in the past was called "summary",,,

One of the major problems I have with these discussions is the use of
words with meanings different from the traditional ones.  For me.
"description" means (in MARC terms) the 1XX-4XX fields, which are
largely transcribed.  While the abstract or summary may "describe" the
content", 520 is not what cataloguers have understood that word to
mean.  Current discussions are full of words used is ways different
from the accustomed usage.

Another difficulty is the frequent use of initialisms, without
spelling them out at first use, e.g. "OA".

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