Dear Karen,

The point you raise is a good one.  Having read most of the emails on this issue, I'm going to try to respond in more detail to Mac Elrod's email, only because he has specific questions that might help to frame this a little.  I wanted to acknowledge, however, your email on the same topic.


Suffice it to say, this will require some additional thought, and likely the document will be updated in due course (refined versus declared invalid).  I personally do not know a whole lot about simultaneous publication.  The one question - based on the example - I have is: would the Paris and Chicago publications share ISBNs or would the ISBNs be different?


That's not to dismiss the "publication statement" aspect.  I ask because the challenge is clearly identifying Instances of Works.  Different publishers/places of publication/dates is one of those "split" points.  ISBNs are equally attractive.








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Just a quick correction to the document:

The document states that "an Instance can only have one publisher..." - this is not true, and there are examples in the MARC documentation [1] that show otherwise:


##$aParis :$bGauthier-Villars ;$aChicago :$bUniversity of Chicago Press,$c1955.

This is not a conflation of instances but a true simultaneous publication. This is the reason behind the use of "publication statement" in RDA and in the RDA vocabularies [2] as a wrapper for "place, publisher, date," and remains, to my knowledge, not entirely resolved in that (or any other) ontology. It does appear that each place/publisher/date will need to be its own graph.



On 5/10/13 2:38 PM, McCallum, Sally wrote:

Here is another part of the BIBFRAME pie to stimulate discussion and questions for the community to consider, On BIBFRAME Authority.  This issue paper concerns the Authorities concept in the BIBFRAME model paper.   This paper clarifies what the model document says about the Authority part of the model and invites discussion.


Again it is helpful if when discussing this paper, you name your listserv comment with the topic  plus  an extra title to bind threads, e.g., "authority--main point". 


Looking forward to your comments,  Sally




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