I feel like the cataloger/metadata librarian mantra should be, "It doesn't matter if it's wrong, as long as it's consistently wrong."

Which is not to say that being wrong in your metadata is necessarily okay, it's just that if you are wrong, but you are wrong across the board, then at least you can go back and confidently make sweeping changes if you have new information in the future.

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Jeff said:

>In some ways, I think we worry too much about consistency and normal forms.
One thing we learned in a failed expensive attempt to use ONIX, as well as publisher produced spread sheets, is that consistency is
*very* important.  What consistency there is in legacy MARC records will be of great help if/when cross walks to Bibframe happen.  When (I don't say "if") Bibframe has run its course and it is time to move on, again consistency will be vital for that transition.  Fortunately, at over 80, I won't have to worry about that one.

Some consistency helps patron use skill transfer between catalogues doesn't it?

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