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>I'm not so worried about RDA rules on using terms instead of codes. If a 
cataloger chooses a text term from a picklist, she may think she's recorded 
the term, but behind the scenes, a uri is recorded. Both sides are happy.

But not if (s)he has inserted a space in a different position, nor sometimes 
if a capital is rendered in lowercase, or vice versa.

Consistency is good, so long as it doesn't distort the data and obscure real 
differences.  What people regard as "real" isn't consistent anyway -- which 
is the justification for a normative code.  Absolute consistency is an 
unattainable goal, and any system that fails to provide a means of dealing 
with it (preferably without loss of information) falls short.

As has sometimes been said: deal with it!

Hal Cain
Melbourne, Australia
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