Why do you say that?
Because the issue is librarian acceptance or just disbelief that vendors develop what libraries want to buy?

If you want we can take this off-line.


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I'll hold my reply until every librarian on the list has picked themselves up off the floor from laughing. 


On Thursday, May 30, 2013, Shlomo Sanders wrote:
I agree with Jeff. Your underestimating and not just technology.
If the target is agreed upon and libraries want to buy it, vendor will help ms,e it happen.


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I guess my point is, I agree that this technically possible. It just also seems highly improbable (at scale, anyway). 


On Thursday, May 30, 2013, Ross Singer wrote:
Well, ok, I'll set aside my questions of how this data will get into Hadoop for now. A more fundamental question is who is going to set this up?  Vendors? The libraries?


On Thursday, May 30, 2013, Young,Jeff (OR) wrote:

I disagree. Knowing the name of something, its type(s), and a few other seemingly mundane clues can be enough to identify a thing in a broader context. RDF/Linked Data is not merely a variant record format. Patterns exist in information that extend well beyond records, even if they are only probabilistic. Donít underestimate Hadoop.




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This D2RQ thing is just a red herring. Moving to linked data is not just a matter of taking our current data and outputting it in a different serialization. In fact, my fear is that we will do just that if we develop BIBFRAME as a "new version of MARC." Sure, we can write programs to turn MARC into triples -- but that won't get us an active place in the linked data cloud.


+1 - a graph full of literals isn't a tremendous improvement over, say, marcxml.





On 5/30/13 12:16 PM, Mitchell, Michael wrote:

           I must have missed that most libraries don't store their data in relational databases. I thought most of the big ILS did by now and they would cover most libraries. That's where MARC goes to rest in our Sirsi-Dynix system after being rendered apart. Oh well.

           I still think a lot of the discussion is directed to discovery relationships that are pointed the wrong way. Out from the library rather than in.




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