Thanks to all for your comments and ideas over the last few months.  The small team that we have called the Early Experimenters has prepared some discussion papers on difficult topics related to the BIBFRAME model and the developing draft vocabulary.  Now we want to put these papers on and begin discussion on this listserv.   By preparing background and recommendation papers we hope to help focus the discussion on the issues. 


The issues are some of the hard ones that all of us who deal with bibliographic data run into  -- always.   We are starting with the BIBFRAME Annotations paper, which you can find here:


Then we hope to get discussion papers on BIBFRAME Authorities, Relationships,, and Resource types out soon, followed by Holdings, Aggregates, and other issues.   These were prepared by various subgroups of the Experimenter team.  We do not want to send everything at once as we would like you to have focus rather than overload.


We ask that when discussing the topics, you name your listserv comment with the topic short title (indicated on the topic paper) with an extra title to bind threads, e.g., "annotations--main point".


We at LC continue to work on the conversion of MARC data, which, along with RDA, is the current feeder of the current vocabulary available at  In the last couple of months, we have made the following enhancements to the BIBFRAME website:


-  Regularly updated to the vocabulary:

-  Added BIBFRAME example snippets in vocabulary section: e.g.

-  Improved the MARC-to-BIBFRAME code:

-  Added a set of Frequently Asked Questions:


We have made every effort to update the MARC-to-BIBFRAME transformation code after modifying the vocabulary, and we plan to change and enhance the code based on feedback from the papers.  You can begin using the transformation code today as a reference and starting point for your own explorations.  See the contribute page to learn more:


Please read the papers that we are be putting up on and participate in the discussion -- we are all in this together!





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