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Please join us for the next in our regular monthly series of free
Department of the Interior Library Park Ranger Speaker Series lectures,
entitled "The Battle of Chancellorsville" on Tuesday, May 21st from 1:00 -
1:45 pm in the Department of the Interior Library.

Declaring, “May God have mercy on General Lee,” Major General Joseph Hooker
launched the spring military offensive that offered the North’s best chance
to end the Civil War decisively in the East. Never before had the Union
fielded a larger army - it stood well equipped, disciplined, and battle -
hardened. The soldiers of the Army of the Potomac exuded the confidence of
their high command and of President Lincoln despite memories of the recent
disaster at Fredericksburg, Virginia and the aborted Mud March that
followed. At the same time, General Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern
Virginia cautiously rejoiced over their victories, mindful that the
Confederate government had detached a sizeable portion of the army for duty
elsewhere. When the blue and gray legions met in the tangled thickets of
the Wilderness region around the crossroads of Chancellorsville, Lee again
stood victorious—the success was great, but so were the costs.

Please join Park Ranger Michael Kelly as he examines the Chancellorsville
Campaign to determine why the North surrendered the initiative and how Lee
seized it to deliver his greatest victory while suffering his greatest
tragedy. The Chancellorsville action set the stage for the Gettysburg
Campaign to follow.

All that are interested are invited.  The DOI Library is located in the
Main Interior Building, located at 1849 C Street, NW, Room 1151 in
Washington.  Space for the program is limited so please go to the following
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We hope to see you on May 21st!

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