Hi Caitlin


Thank you for your comments. The latest MODS 3.4 to MARCXML XSLTs (in XSLT 1.0 and 2.0) were last updated in May of 2012. Transforming from MARCXML > MODS 3.4 > MARCXML will be somewhat lossy in many if not all cases, even if all the XSLTs involved are perfectly up-to-date--that's just the nature of going from MARC>MODS>MARC in general (if that's what you mean by round-tripping). We try to keep all our XSLTs as up-to-date as possible given our resources. If you wouldn't mind sending me your issues with the MODS 3.4 to MARCXML conversion along with info re: XSLT version(s) you are using, directly to me, that would be helpful. We will try to address any issues as soon as possible.


Thank you, Tracy


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Subject: [MODS] MODS to MARCXML XSLT transformations


Hello MODS folks, 


We are adapting several of the MODS transformation stylesheets for use in a new Islandora instance in Florida, namely DC-to-MODS / MODS-to-DC and MARCXML-to-MODS / MODS-to-MARCXML (v 3.4).  For the most part things are going well, but I have a question about the MARCXML transformations.


The MARCXML to MODS 3.4 stylesheet has very recently been updated and looks great.  We are having problems, however, with the MODS to MARCXML stylesheet, which hasn't been updated to reflect the new changes (not updated at all in about a year, it looks like).  We have little expectations for a perfect roundtrip, but we're still trying our best.  


So, two questions: one, will the MODS to MARCXML stylesheet be updated anytime soon?  And two, does anyone have stylesheets they'd be willing to share that do a decent job of round-tripping?  While we can update the stylesheets here, it would be nice to use work that's already done (or wait for work in process).  (Conversely, we are happy to share our stylesheets to anyone who wants them as well.)


Thanks so much, 




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