Betsy and Bruce,


I agree with Bruce's suggestion, as I've wondered who else has served on the
board and when.  When I was on the board, there was active discussion among
the members of involving previous board members, and this is a nice


Dan Botkin


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Maybe sometime the listserv could send out a list of everyone who has been
on the board and when. Some people I know about from my time long ago, some
I'm in communication with now, but other members I know nothing about. I'd
like to.






Bruce Jackson

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Dear Betsy and everyone,


What a great idea! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!





Deborah Wong, Ph.D.

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Hooray!!!  This has been a long time coming and congrats. to all . . . great
work.  I'll be up in DC on Tuesday and hope to stop by my old stomping
ground to say hello . . .

All my best,  Peggy


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Dear Friends:


Greetings from the American Folklife Center!  We are establishing a listserv
for former AFC board and staff as a way to provide everyone with periodic
updates about AFC activity.  It is appropriately called the Archie Green
Union listserv. We do not anticipate sending a high volume of mail-we know
everyone is busy and do not want to clutter people's mailboxes.  But we do
want to connect with you on a more consistent basis. After all, we consider
you all to be a part of the AFC family. The list allows for people to
interact with each other, so the expected volume of email will depend on how
much you want to enter into discussions. We would love to hear from you, so
please drop a line if you wish. 


To kick things off, I wanted to share this most recent issue of our AFC
Board newsletter with all of you. We started publishing it in the last year
for current trustees, as an informal way to provide regular updates and
connect names and faces to the great work of the staff here.


The feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive and so we thought we
would widen the circle.  We hope you like it!


Thanks for your service to and support of the AFC.




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