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As you know, our EAD interface displays with a thumbnail access to a gallery, but is done via our MS-SQL in house database web template built with programming.   I would also love to know how this might be accomplished using true EAD encoding.   Mark might have some ideas as he has been working on some pretty nice interface prototypes for SI, based on AT ingested EAD data.


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Subject: collection thumbnail with link to gallery, plus AT


Suppose that for each EAD there may or may not be a representative thumbnail for that collection.  Suppose also that there may or may not be a gallery of digitized images; if so, then the thumbnail should be a link to that gallery.

Since any given collection may or may not have a thumbnail or a gallery, the style sheet cannot automatically insert the image and link based on, say, the value for <eadid> or something.  Instead, there needs to be explicit code in the EAD that tells the stylesheet if there is a thumbnail and if it should link to a gallery.

I believe that this is the correct structure for a thumbnail that's a link, yes?

<extref href="[URL to gallery]"><extptr href="[URL for thumbnail]"/></extref>

As a final wrinkle, this needs to be created in, and successfully export from, Archivists Toolkit.

So, where would be the best/most logical place to put this extref/extptr structure, and how do I do it in AT?  Or is there another way to achieve this goal?  Working in an XML editor, I could easily put it inside archdesc/did/unitid, or archdesc/did/unitid, or archdesc/did/abstract, or similar, but I'm not sure how that would work within the context of AT.

Thanks --