I second the idea of a github repository for these stylesheets. That would allow the community to contribute to their maintenance; and it would help a project with special needs to maintain a customized version in sync with the official release, by forking and then merging upstream changes when they are made. It would also give each release a unique home and identifier so that revisions could be tracked. These would all be features that would make the stylesheets palpably more useful to us in our projects.


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Hi Donald,

The MODS XSLTs are based on MODS mappings made available by the Library at <>. The XSLTs are revised periodically as users' comments are received via email and as subsequent MODS Editorial Committee decisions evolve.

Content standards and practices using MARC vary among institutions. No one stylesheet can deal appropriately with all variations in the use of MARC. The mapping decisions underlying the XSLTs should be tested on sample records to determine whether the results are as desired or whether the institution needs to modify the stylesheet for a particular collection of records.

General questions about the mapping may be directed to the MODS Editorial Committee members via [log in to unmask]. Specific questions about the stylesheet may be addressed to me at [log in to unmask].

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I'm wondering how a person suggests an update for the stylesheets located here:

How does the community submit a patch ? A repository on or a similar source code repository would be handy.


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