On Fri, 14 Jun 2013, Stanley Elswick - NOAA Federal wrote:

> I vote for using just the initialism, and using cataloger judgment on 
> deciding whether to qualify with a spelled-out version (if we were 
> voting). All else introduces ambiguity into the process.

  "Cataloger judgment" is precisely what "introduces ambiguity."

  Another way to eliminate "ambiguity" without using qualifiers would be to 
place x-refs that conflict with established names in 510 fields rather 
than 410 fields.

  I too prefer a qualifier for 410 entries comprised of the spelled-out 
versions of names, in contrast to qualifiers for 110 entries that identify 
the nature of the named body. In remaining instances of 110 conficts, 
addition of the spelled-out name to the qualifier would be resolutionary.


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