It seems as if some people may be using the various Task Group reports, especially the Task Group Report on Relationship Designators, as if they were PCC approved documentation or guidelines.  This is just a reminder that Task Group reports should NEVER be used in this way.  The reports posted on the PCC website contain the recommendations of the Task Group alone.  Any final recommendations that have been accepted after being vetted through you and OpCo will be posted as separate documents.  There are always a number of Task Group recommendations that may not be accepted, may be deferred, or may be altered.  The reports may also contain typographical errors and may not mesh with other reports posted on the PCC site.  Only documents distributed or posted as official PCC policy or LC/PCC PSs can be considered as such.  I realize that there may be questions unanswered by this documentation, though.  It will be very important for you to raise your questions to the appropriate list so that we can incorporate ithem into the pertinent documentation or training program.  Thanks so much for your help!  We're all making our way through a time of enormous transitions and PCC will do its best to keep your documentation as timely and as accurate as possible.

Philip E. Schreur
Chair, Program for Coooperative Cataloging
Head, Metadata Department
Stanford University
650-725-1120 (fax)