PCC-LIST readers,

Below is a file I developed for this purpose. The initial two steps in particular are intended to insure that I don't just get ignored!  If they then decline to respond to step 3, I can again ask for a follow-up.

If you don't have contact information for an author, the editor can sometimes help.  To get a publisher's attention, a slightly different approach is needed, since they will otherwise likely assume that you have an acquisition-related question.

Once the work is done and a NAR is available, I announce it on PERSNAME-L so that other catalogers can upgrade their records locally.

- Ian
Ian Fairclough - George Mason University - [log in to unmask]

Disambiguation e-mails
1) Initial approach:
Hello ,
I am a librarian, working on your book .
I also found your web page here
Please respond to confirm the e-mail connection.  I have a question for you.
Sincerely - Ian
2) Follow-up if no response received:
I did not receive a response to the message below, and would be grateful to hear from you.  Sincerely - Ian
3) Request for information
Thank you!
I am working on improving the cataloging of your book by making it more likely that anyone looking for it under your name will not have to contend with other titles by namesakes of yours.  We catalog librarians attempt to provide unique headings for each person represented in catalogs worldwide.  Since other persons with your name are already extant, I want to create a distinct heading for you.
To this end, please provide:
1. your full name in direct order  (including any unused names) as ordinarily written
2. on its own, your surname (if you have more than one surname, all of them)
3. the year of your birth
4. the titles of any other books, videos, etc. which you have authored or edited, and which might appear in library catalogs.  (Not articles in journals, since those aren't usually in such catalogs.)
The work I do is part of an international project coordinated by the Library of Congress, the Name Authorities Cooperative Project, and will be copied by other librarians who find the record I prepare.  Hence my concern to do the best possible job. 
Thanks again for your help.  Sincerely - Ian
4) Farewell
Thank you, that enables me to complete my work.  Best wishes for the success of your book - Ian
5) Approach to publisher when author e-mail not available
I am a librarian, working with the title
Please forward this message to the editor responsible for this book.  I have a question.
NOTE: This is not a sales question!  We have acquired this book, and now I need to contact the editor.