This is a situation in which I think using a generic qualifying term, instead of a term indicating incorporation, would be preferable—IF it's determined that qualification is needed at all.  If "Pantone" isn't sufficient, then I'd want to use "Pantone (Firm)", with "Pantone, Inc." and "Pantone, LLC" as variants.  I don't see any benefit to having separate AAPs for "Pantone, Inc." and "Pantone, LLC".  My hunch is that the change from "Inc." to "LLC" is related to a merger or acquisition; in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if maybe Pantone, Inc. was dissolved and Pantone, LCC was created as a "new" company.


Of course, there are also those cases where two levels of hierarchy have the same base name.  What I'm used to seeing is the creation of something like "Useless Corporation, Inc." become a subsidiary of a newly created "Useless Corporation Holdings"—and then that new parent gets absorbed into some other entity, or otherwise changes its name.  So, I suppose it is possible that Pantone, Inc. and Pantone, LCC both existed simultaneously at one time?  If that's so, it become a little trickier, but there is certainly precedent in AACR2 for putting both under the same established heading, with variants for the specific entities.


Don't you just love all these games corporate bodies play...


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I am cataloging a Pantone color guide.  The company, Pantone, was established under AACR2 as Pantone, Inc. (n  86084523 / 1852846).  The record in NAF is still coded as AACR2.


It now represents itself (see, e.g.: as "Pantone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite Incorporated."


I seek the wisdom of the NACO membership on two points:


1. Should the 110 be changed?  The rules suggest it should but I'm not sure of the practical implications.  I see approximately 200 records in OCLC under "Pantone, Inc.", though almost none of them are full-level PCC records.  


2. Does the form "Pantone" alone suffice? Or does it need to be changed to Pantone LLC, "to make it clear that the name is that of a corporate body" (see: "Terms indicating incorporation...")?  (And if  the LLC is to be retained, does that mean Patone, Inc. --> Pantone LLC is a change in name and two linked records should be created?)




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