What is the current thinking on applying RDA to short story collections conceived as integrated wholes? 


I’m cataloging Mundo cruel, a collection of stories on the theme of a particularly community in Puerto Rico.  (I’ve got a 2013 English translation that happens to have the same title as the original 2010 Spanish version, but that’s not the main point.)  LC has cataloged this, on  2012-046128.  Their record includes the 240 collective title “Short stories. Selections. English.”  I’d prefer to use the given title in my 240—thus, “Mundo cruel. English”—based on the feeling that what I am cataloging is an identifiable single work (with component works, of course), not just a hodgepodge of truly separate works.  I fear this is not the trend, though.  Is the “Leaves of Grass” exception in fact being used only when a collection has achieved near-mythic status, as previous advice seemed to imply?  What are your opinions about this?


Furthermore, I notice that LC’s call number for this book is cuttered for the title (with translation addition), as M8613, rather than as A6.  This surely has something to do with the fact that the 2010 Spanish edition was already in M86.  But it made me think:  if every short story collection published by a current author is treated as a “Short stories. Selections” case, will they all be cuttered as A6?  What good would that do anyone?   Should we begin to cutter by the manifestation title instead?