Folks, we are cataloging a title: Understanding products liability law (2nd edition). On the cover and title page, it listed the following 3 authors in order: Bruce L. Ottley, Rogelio A. Lasso, and Terrence F. Kiely. In the introduction part, it mentioned that the third author was passed away in 2012.

"Unfortunately, the legal profession suffered a major loss since the publication of the First Edition. Professor Terrence F. Kiely, who coauthored the First Edition, died in July 2012, Fortunately, Professor Rogelio Lasso of the John Marshall Law School in Chicago has stepped in and revised the chapter originally written by Professor Kiely; however, the authors greatly miss professor Kiely, and the Second Edition will not be the same without his hardwork, insights, and wisdom from his many years teaching and litigating products liability cases."

When we checked the OCLC for the first edition, we found that Professor Terrence F. Kiely was listed as 100, Bruce L. Ottley as the additional access point.

Now our question is whether we still need to list Kiely in 100 to be consistent with the previous edition? RDA says that "If the work is presented simply as an edition of the previously existing work, treat it as an expression of that work. Use the authorized access point representing the previously existing work. If it is considered important to identify the particular expression, construct an authorized access point representing the expression as instructed at 6.27.3." Seems it encourages to use the authorized access point of the previous edition. But in this case, the first named author of the previous edition has passed away, should he still be listed as the main access point? Moreover, if there is a third edition in the future, 2 authors are still listed, but Professor Kiely is removed. They used the same title for the third edition. Should we still use Professor Kiely as the main access point for the 3rd ed.?