Dear Andy,

Peter Reed founded THE AMERICAN MUSIC LOVER in the mid-thirties. I have a
complete run through 1956 and I recall one or more portraits of him that
appeared within, but not before the forties. He lived on Reed Avenue in
Pelham. Donald Vroon of Cincinnati, OH is the current owner. He may be able
to help you. Otherwise, the NYPL and Rogers and Hammerstein Division might
have something (particularly NYPL Research Division's Iconography
Collection), or possibly LC. Good luck. At about the same time he was
reviewing records for WNYC, Reed wrote record reviews for THE ETUDE, the
magazine of Theodore Presser Publishers in Bryn Mawr, PA. They maintained
an extensive file of photos, drawings, manuscripts, etc. used in the
magazine, which remained intact into the early 90s. They might have


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> He became the owner of "The American Record Guide"  and later sold it to
> James Lyons.  I was writing for Jim from 1959 so Reed's time is not that
> late.  The magazine still exists under later ownership, as far as I know,
> and they may have what you need.
> Steve Smolian
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> I've recently discovered that Peter Hugh Reed had a weekly record review
> program on WNYC 1929-1931. Is anyone aware of any photos of him from that
> period or even later that I might use for a blog piece?
> Thanks.
> Andy Lanset
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